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How to Create Custom Personalized Umbrellas with a Heat Press

Customef is a large umbrella enterprise specializing in the production and sales of advertising umbrellas. The company has been manufacturing umbrellas for more than ten years. There are skeleton factories, printing factories, screen printing factories, umbrella head factories and other related enterprises The customef umbrella factory entered the national market from the end of the 1990s. It covers an area of ​​16,000 square meters. There are hundreds of employees in the workshop. The raw materials imported from the series of umbrellas are all from the United States and Canada.

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The factory develops and owns “Customef” brand products. In order to better meet the development requirements of customers, our products are continuously designed, innovative, and styles keep up with the development trend of the world’s umbrellas, with a production capacity of up to 5 million pieces per year. Thanks to Your Excellency and people from all walks of life! Express my heartfelt thanks and high respect here!

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